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Network Management Basics

Policy Management Basics

Need for Policy

Poicy management iis mast important one, Which coming under natwork management.

Aligning Network Resources with Business Objectives

   - Application-aware network
   - Intelligent network services
   - Network-wide service policy
   - Control by application & user

What Is a Network Policy?

The network Plicy is a set of high-level business directives that control the deployment of network services (e.g., security and QoS). And areated on the basis and in terms of established business practices

Example: Allow all members of the Engineering department access to corporate resources using Telnet, FTP, HTTP, and e-mail, 24 x 7

Role of QoS

Quality of service should be used wherever applications share network resources.

There are two broad application areas where QoS technologies are needed:

   - Mission-critical applications need QoS to ensure delivery and that their traffic is not impacted by      misbehaving applications using the network.
   - Real-time applications such as multimedia and voice need QoS to guarantee bandwidth and minimize      jitter. This ensures the stability and reliability of existing applications when new applications are      added.

Voice and data convergence is the first compelling application requiring delay-sensitive traffic handling on the data network. The move to save costs and add new features by converging the voice and data networks--using voice over IP, VoFR, or VoATM--has a number of implications for network management:

   - Users will expect the combined voice and data network to be as reliable as the voice network:      99.999% availability
   - To even approach such a level of reliability requires a sophisticated management capability; policies      come into play again

Cisco’s unique service is the ability to offer products that let network managers prioritize applications in today’s evolving networks.
Let’s take a look at QoS in more detail.

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